Green Installations


Our Bi-fold double glazed doors provide an ideal replacement for existing Patio or French doors.
Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, they fill rooms with natural light.
Doors can be fully or partially opened or fully closed depending on the amount of space required. Once fully opened, the doors neatly stack creating valuable new space and creating an ‘open plan’ living area.

We all want the best from replacement double glazing. That’s why our windows stand apart.
From styling to performance to saving energy, the advanced design gives you a comfortable, secure, energy efficient home


All doors are made to the highest standards of security and durability. This
gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your new door is not only aesthetically
pleasing,  also offers  the best protection.
We use a highly durable and demanding locking system. Offering 4 x hook bolts and 1 x dead bolt. With this system you are assured of the best lock money can buy.


Manufactured from high quality PVCu, all of our windows feature a multi chambered system which not only reduces heat transfer, but also drains rain water toward the outside of the pane.
All products are supplied with the innovative Q-Lon weather seals offering expanded performance over a wide temperature range. .

The Best Performing Windows  


Conservatories have more benefits than you might think.
They don’t just provide lots of extra room, our choice of  insulating glass means your new conservatory will retain heat in the winter and remain cool in the summer, creating a more comfortable space for you to enjoy all year round.